My Past Missions

People don’t have to change their lifestyles to make imprints on the hearts and souls of the world. Together, we can bridge the gap to make the world a better place all while having a deep appreciation for how lucky we truly are for what we have. Here are some of my stories of the amazing places I have been and the amazing people I have met along the way…

Ipalamwa, Tanzania, September 2009

I had wanted a challenge- something to take me out of my New York City life….and well being in a remote village in the Tanzanian mountains with no running water, no electricity and no escape seemed like the perfect fit.  A huge plus was that after I had signed up with Global Volunteers- my brother was at a crossroads and said he was interested in joining me.  The idea of being able to experience this with my brother was a once in a lifetime event.  I was so psyched and we were off…READ MORE

Barlad, Romania, September 2008

As a City Chik- my life is one big whirlwind- between my career and living the Single City life it seems like I just never stop.  (and by the way I love that).  But I wanted to find a volunteer vacation that would take me to an orphanage- I wanted to be around children that I could nurture during my stay.  After much research- I found a Failure to Thrive Clinic for Children that was part of the Global Volunteers program.  Like every trip- it was a gut feeling that told me this was going to be the place for me. READ MORE

La Victoria, Lima Peru August 2007

We all have those pivotal points in our lives when we feel we must either pursue our dreams or put them on the side to be more "practical".  Well being the gal that I am - I needed to find a way to do both and that is when I first learned of volunteer vacations.  As you have probably gathered volunteering is my passion and while I seek out as many opportunities as possible - the thought of submerging myself for two weeks in a different culture and working directly with the people was beyond exciting. READ MORE