City Chik on a Mission is a personal journey of trying to figure out that "perfect" balance between a corporate career, every day single city life, and a dream of helping those in need all around the globe and finding a way to connect it all together.

City Chik on a Mission has three components with a special dash of personal touch and stories:

  • Educate
  • Connect
  • Develop

Educate- I will travel domestically and abroad leaving my NYC life and luxuries behind. By living and speaking with locals I will be able to show viewers the conditions and needs of the underdeveloped areas. Viewers will be able to see the hardships of the people and understand the needs. This will be evident as well by seeing the transition and emotions that I experience along the way.

Connect- After viewing the needs, a fundraising campaign will take place. This will enable viewers to participate by donating or by taking part in a fundraising campaign. But what is different with City Chik is that I will then go back to the original location to show how money raised has helped the area in need. People will be able to have a personal connection to the cause. The personal connection will touch the souls and be unique.

Develop- When returning to the original location I will reconnect with the locals and show viewers how they have had a hand in developing the area in need or specific project. In turn, the area will benefit from the efforts of the fundraising and be able to see how the fundraising activities have made a positive impact on them.

Educate, Connect, Develop- City Chik on Mission will provide a bridge and personal connection to both the viewer and the area of focus. How do I look to accomplish this? Well- it is going to start small- me and my flip camera are going to travel and the rest will unfold through the blog and updates you can find on this site. Hopefully one day soon you can be part City Chik on a Mission either through fundraising or letting me know about a project you believe in.