About Me

I am an Italian/Armenian City Chik that lives in Tribeca NYC and works in Asset Management – this probably all sounds so typical but the following isn’t typical:

  • PINK is my favorite color
  • Volunteering and helping those in need is my passion and dream
  • I knit
  • The slow cooker is one of my favorite inventions
  • I have a historical best friend from nursery school
  • Some consider me to be an expert on spas in NYC (Tribeca Spa of Tranquility is a hidden gem)
  • I truly am still a little girl at heart
  • Every year at Christmas time I have an annual baking day- where I make 13 different types of cookies.  A tradition with my Mom since I was 11.
  • No matter how hard I work I will never work as hard as my Dad
  • My favorite movie is Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  • My eyes say exactly what I am feeling
  • I can't sleep through the night
  • When I grow up I want a BIG kitchen to entertain
  • I am a tech geek- I LOVE gadgets
  • My laugh is loud- and I can't help it
  • I love scarves- I have collected them from all of my travels
  • Being with my friends and family is my favorite past time
  • I set goals every year and am always trying to challenge myself in becoming a better person
  • I have a white and pink bike and I love going along the West Side Highway
    on a Sunday afternoon. 
  • I love to sing to the radio when I am driving and Yes- I am that person that people stare at – but I don’t care I keep going :)
  • Everything I ever planned for in life- went in the complete opposite direction- now I am just enjoying the ride
  • I believe in dreaming big
  • Traveling and experiencing different cultures brings out my inner self
  • I can't sit still and try to make the most out of every moment

I am sure if you were to ask my friends and family they might have more to say- but they certainly wouldn’t disagree with anything above. Perhaps that I am an optimist that wants to help change the world- and I believe with all my heart I can do just that.